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Our Mission

To be the best data-driven automation enabler. To empower our customers across multiple domains, to attain their business goals, by being the "one stop shop" for all their data needs

Our Story

SigmaStream's trail of success stories started in 2013. SigmaStream is a Texas corporation with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Two regional offices are located in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru, India.​
SigmaStream uses data to solve business problems. The data-driven approach together with the latest technology stack has enabled the development of a portfolio of products and services.

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive and totally integrated solution encompassing acquisition, persistence, secure transportation, dissemination, analysis and full close-loop automation. We enable our customers across multiple domains to attain their business goals by “being a one-stop shop for all their data needs”.

We pride ourselves in our solutions that are designed and developed from the ground up to work with a variety of infrastructure settings such as hardware platforms, bandwidth regimes, wire formats and communication protocols. Multiple editions of the products are also available to cater to specific user needs such as high availability editions and lite versions. Intuitive user experience is another feature that reduces the learning curve for the products.

SigmaStream’s problem-solving capabilities are achieved through a team which is an eclectic mix of technology and subject-matter experts. This composition makes it possible to understand the domain specific details and translate it into solutions using technology to achieve the desired goals. Besides, developing products, product customization is also carried out to meet specific customer needs. Our monitoring and support services facilitate deployment and configuration to help run the operations smoothly and continuously.

Management Team

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Chairman and CEO

Board of Directors

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Chairman and CEO
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