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Dr. Anno has over 25 years of industry experience in geophysical and computational research and development, research management, and energy resource exploration.  Dr. Anno was a ConocoPhillips Fellow. His most recent charge under the ConocoPhillips Computational Science Initiative was to identify and address strategic computational challenges in support of ConocoPhillips global business lines.  As a result, Dr. Anno has initiated a variety of projects on Big Data problems in Arctic exploration, reservoir simulation and drilling performance.  As a former Manager of the ConocoPhillips Geophysical Research and Development organization, Dr. Anno directed research programs and people focused on seismic imaging and data processing technologies.  As Acting Manager of Geophysical Technology for ConocoPhillips, Dr. Anno was responsible for directing Seismic Data Acquisition, Data Processing, Geophysical Research, and High-Performance Computing.  Earlier leadership roles include appointment as the originating Team Leader of the ConocoPhillips 4D Seismic Research team.  Dr. Anno and his teammates have researched and developed geophysical and computational technology in concert with business units around the world.  Dr. Anno holds or has pending nine patents and has published over forty papers and conference proceedings covering his body of technical work.  He is an Associate Editor for the journal Geophysics.  Dr. Anno also held an appointment as lecturer in Earth Sciences at Rice University.  He holds the PhD in Geophysics from the Center for Wave Phenomena at the Colorado School of Mines.

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