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Energy Technology Executive | Board Member | Strategic Advisor

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Dr. Shenoy combines a strong scientific and engineering background with industry/business experience to provide leadership guidance to enterprises – large & small corporations, venture capital & private equity, academic & government institutions - on navigating the challenges of technology innovation for commercial success. Dr. Shenoy ended an illustrious stint of over 20 years with Schlumberger as the Vice President of Research to join ConocoPhillips as the CTO in 2012.  He also provides insight on the impact of an institution’s technology innovation activities on other facets of business strategy – operational, social, environmental and governmental - to corporate boards, executive management teams, academic institutions, and venture capital/ private equity firms. His experience has conferred upon him the ability to form, lead and work within teams comprised of diverse individuals. His entire life and career have been global. Born in India, Dr. Shenoy grew up in Australia, Nigeria and the UK. He has had US and international assignments over his professional career. He has led a technology development organization of 500+ spread across the globe that has delivered several new technology revenue streams to a large multinational enterprise. Dr. Shenoy has married his industry and business experience and his scientific background with strong communication skills to become an industry thought leader. He has presented to audiences of increasingly diverse nature - boards, venture capital/ private equity firms, internal organizations, clients, governments, the general public. The continuing invitations he receives are for speaking engagements with boards and industry conferences reflect demand for the insights he offers on technology innovation and the energy sector.  Specialties: Strategic Advice & Management Consulting, Speaking Engagements, Executive Education, Thought Leadership in the energy sector, Applied Research.

Dr. Shenoy has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

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