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Entrepreneur | Researcher | Software Architect

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With over 28 years in software development over 17 years of which were in the Oil & Gas industry, Mr. Koduru has personally developed and then led the development of a number of mission critical enterprise software applications and products in various verticals.  As the Senior Technical Advisor at Energistics, the Oil & Gas data exchange consortium, and one of the members of the core team that developed the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP), Mr. Koduru was a key contributor to the standards body.


He co-founded SigmaStream with a vision of building a true data-driven automation platform.  Mr. Koduru also worked at BP, Nabors Drilling and Baker Hughes before then where he gained wide ranging experience on all fronts of the Oil & Gas drilling industry.  Prior to Oil & Gas, Mr. Koduru worked in the areas of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), travel and hospitality, scheduling and route optimization, and business intelligence.

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