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YellowHammer is an industry leading data aggregator. YellowHammer does comprehensive data aggregation and is a federation platform for streaming data, that can publish data over low bandwidth to multiple consumption points. Some of the key benefits of the platform include: ​

  • Time alignment – Time synchronizes data coming in from multiple sources

  • Standardization – Translates from one protocol to another

  • Flexibility – Handles data coming in at any frequency and outputs data at the desired frequency. Fits into any environment ​

Designed for adaptability

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HummingBird is a simple and effective engineering visualizer. The product architecture is flexible, configurable and extensible. HummingBird makes it possible to consume data from a wide variety of data sources. Some of the salient features of the product are:

  • Data correction and KPI generation

  • Rich built-in graphical widgets

  • Easy configuration and customization​

  • Accessibility on multiple platforms and devices

A compelling window into your data

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BlueCardinal is a streaming data analytics engine. It converts streaming data collected from numerous sensors, systems and instruments at the rig into insights. These insights are then transformed into operational events. A highly extensible product, BlueCardinal comes bundled with

  • Algorithms based on Oil & Gas industry best practices

  • Benchmarked and validated from real data

  • Real-time operational event generation for analysis of complex operational events

  • Consumed by downstream applications like HummingBird to generate visual presentations of KPIs ​

Blue cardinal orchestrates the use of both AI and ML algorithms in your business.

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A WITSML server that supports versions and of the specification. RockPigeon supports the getFromStore, addToStore, updateInStore and deleteFromStore APIs. A unique capability of the SigmaStream server is its ability to create custom logs comprising of mnemonics from multiple sources publishing data at varying frequencies. For instance, a 100 Hz time log can be created by combining data from a 1 sec DR, 20 Hz surface sub and a 200 Hz vibration sensor. This is because RockPigeon subscribes for the channels making up the time log from YellowHammer, using a desired frequency of 100 Hz.

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KingFisher is an asset management tool that allows you to store and manage various activities that occur at the rig. KingFisher has a reporting tool to compliment the asset data. Features include: ​

  • Maintenance-related data management

  • Flexibility – works with a range of data sources

  • Formatting – reports are available in multiple industry standard formats

  • Templates – both custom and canned reports available​

Asset management and powerful reporting for predictive maintenance

and condition based maintenance

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Odin harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize the way assets and concepts, from wells and equipment to drilling crew performance and operational risks, are evaluated and ranked, delivering unparalleled precision in strategic decision-making.  Odin currently supports

  • Well Complexity Index  

  • Drilling Performance Index

  • Equipment Condition Index

  • Operational Risk Index

Odin presents a flexible platform and server architecture, empowering users to integrate third-party metrics or criteria seamlessly, optimized for deployment across both on-premises

and cloud environments of your choosing.

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