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SigmaStream Visualization


HummingBird is an engineering visualizer primarily aimed at making visualization of streaming data simple and effective. In addition to visualization, data correction and KPI generation are important capabilities of HummingBird. The product architecture is flexible, configurable and extensible, making it possible to consume data from a wide variety of data sources such as WITSML, WITS, Modbus, OPC/UA and many other protocols. An array of rich built-in graphical widgets is available within HummingBird. Ease of configuring and customizing the widgets and their layout helps in assembling bespoke dashboards that can be shared with other users. HummingBird client runs in a browser, thus providing accessibility on multiple platforms and devices like desktops, tablets, and smart phones. ​

Adaptors and Operations
Live Scroll Graph
Unit of measurement
Active Control
Data Wrangling
Historical Graph
User Management
Customizable Dashboards

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