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Oil & Gas industry is a high risk and complex industry. Demand for low-cost energy and stringent safety and environmental regulatory compliance concerns add to the already existing challenges. Using big data concepts to handle, process and analyze the huge amounts of data generated during exploration, development and production, is the way to address these challenges.  The next step is to achieve automation with operational intelligence and machine learning. 

SigmaStream has established itself on this scene with its products and services and enabling different players from the Oil & Gas industry like drillers, service companies and operators to achieve digital transformation.  Oil & Gas is the first industry sector where SigmaStream launched its state-of-the-art product suite bringing in interoperability and extensible framework to address the data fragmentation issues.  

Starting at the very beginning, YellowHammer at the rig, provides an aggregation platform for streaming data while ensuring the delivery of high fidelity and low latency data for downstream applications. The main benefits are minimal data loss during collection and transportation and a unified interface to manage and monitor streaming data. Typical working conditions and infrastructure limitations at the rigs resulted in the development of RedCanary.  RedCanary works towards automation of monitoring of system health parameters to implement effective preventive and corrective maintenance, reducing downtime drastically.  Dissemination and interpretation of streaming data through visualization is handled by HummingBird, an engineering visualizer. Provision of control widgets to remotely set rig operating parameters is a distinguishing feature of HummingBird.  Analytics and automation aspects are catered through products BlueCardinal and PurpleRaven. Reporting needs - statutory as well as custom, are  taken care by KingFisher.  

We have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies in the Oil & Gas sector and are proud of the achievements we helped our clients to accomplish.  The generic nature of our products makes it possible to target midstream and downstream as well.  



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