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KingFisher is an asset management tool that can be used to manage both physical and nonphysical business assets.  KingFisher has a reporting tool to compliment the asset management capability.​ The tool is composed of three main parts – data source adaptors, report designer and viewer, making ad hoc reporting easy.

Asset management and powerful reporting for predictive maintenance and condition based maintenance



Although KingFisher has its own set of data adaptors and can interact with other systems, a tight integration with the SigmaStream aggregation platform - YellowHammer and the SigmaStream analytics engine – BlueCardinal, offers a seamless solution.


KingFisher makes use of adaptors to interface with data sources. In-built adaptors enable KingFisher to fit into any ecosystem, with minimal configuration. Adaptor configuration can be saved offline, to be used later.

Multiple Data Sources


Use of drag and drop capabilities to build new reports. Ad-hoc reports creation offers a self-serve interface. Reports can be viewed using KingFisher’s report viewer or can be downloaded for further processing. Built-in, well tested templates save time for users. 



KingFisher allows a designer to develop a report using a data model that is decoupled from the source that populates it. This offers interoperability across rig contractors and report formats.

Data Models

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