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Data - the new ENERGY

Use data to get a holistic view of your drilling and completions operations

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SigmaStream can help you collect and utilize data to stem losses and improve profitability!

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Measurable Quality



 Let Your Data  Take Your   Business to New Highs

Sensors generate data at varying rates, employing diverse data formats and communication protocols. The distinctive capability of gathering and consolidating this data into a single data repository, with the aim of extracting valuable insights, minimizes downtime and boosts profit margins. As a result, the SigmaStream product range effectively diminishes the environmental impact of operational activities. SigmaStream has consistently provided this valuable service to a global clientele, earning widespread customer satisfaction.


The Company

At its core, SigmaStream is a data technology firm. Our focus is on creating and maintaining a bespoke platform of cohesive computing services, designed to enable data-centric decision-making for your enterprise.

Timely Decisions

Whether you need real-time, high-frequency, automated, or edge computing solutions to meet your business demands, we tailor and maintain our data, software, and hardware platform to ensure you can make prompt, data-driven decisions.

Versatility, Interoperability, Optimization

This approach provides instant access to data analysis and algorithms tailored to specific contexts, facilitating greater automation of your processes. By unlocking the potential of your own data, our global clientele consistently discovers ways to refine and improve their operations, while also minimizing downtime.

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