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SigmaStream products differentiate themselves with unique analytics services that are aimed at the specific industry sector to which the products serve. Highly customized and focused analytics services work with streaming data at two levels:

  • real-time
  • historical batch processing

The main deliverables of the analytics services are reports and charts for the consumption of the business analysts and management. Key performance indicators or KPIs constitute a major part of these reports. All the content is presented with intuitive visualization and using domain-specific imagery.

SigmaStream's subject matter experts bring domain expertise through their own experience   as well as through collaboration with individuals and industry groups in the verticals to capture the best ways of generating actionable insights from the data collected. 

SigmaStream products employ these insights from the analytics exercise to accomplish automation. The degree and level of automation depends on the business process served by the product.  These automation directives streaming out at a prescribed rate is another set of value-added deliverables from analytics services.  



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