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PurpleRaven is an operational intelligence platform in the SigmaStream portfolio of products that facilitates and enables automation.  It is an extensible framework consisting of components that can be plugged in separately, each to bring in a specific aspect of intelligence of problem-solving.  Customized selection of components helps to prioritize and target critical business process areas for automation roll-out, for maximum returns.  For the oil & gas vertical, PurpleRaven has components for drilling optimization, non-productive time and invisible lost time.  

Oil & gas industry specific OI components are:

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  • Drilling vibration minimizer
  • Automated tool face control
  • Directional drilling guidance
  • Automated geosteering
  • Torque Turn
  • RSS downlinker

The ability to process high frequency data both discreet as well as continuously streaming, is a key value proposition of PurpleRaven. For the oil & gas vertical, it has been reported that using SigmaStream’s YellowHammer as the source yields the best results in terms of accuracy and performance. 


Operational Intelligence

Building on top of analytics by using machine learning algorithms, AI based solutions are provided to build an automated solution for better efficiency and improvement for a business operation. 


Each add-on component encapsulates a propriety algorithm to address a specific business operation. Examples are Drilling Engineering Tool kit, Friction Factor Analysis, WOB analysis.

Service based platform

Using well documented interface, services of PurpleRaven components can be utilized by any application to achieve operational intelligence.

Easy integration with SigmaStream’s products

Although PurpleRaven has its own set of data adaptors and can interact with other systems, an easy integration with the SigmaStream aggregation platform - YellowHammer and the SigmaStream analytics engine – BlueCardinal, offer a seamless solution that is well tested. HummingBird is used for visualization of the results using dashboards.



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