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Our Products

YellowHammer is an industry leading data aggregator.  YellowHammer does comprehensive data aggregation and is a federation platform for streaming data, that can publish data over low bandwidth to multiple consumption points.  Some of the key benefits of the platform include:  

  • Time alignment – Time synchronizes data coming in from multiple sources

  • Standardization – Translates from one protocol to another 

  • Flexibility – Handles data coming in at any frequency and outputs data at the desired frequency.  Fits into any environment


Designed for adaptability

HummingBird is a simple and effective engineering visualizer.  The product architecture is flexible, configurable and extensible.  HummingBird makes it possible to consume data from a wide variety of data sources.  Some of the salient features of the product are:

  • Data correction and KPI generation

  • Rich built-in graphical widgets

  • Easy configuration and customization

  • Accessibility on multiple platforms and devices

A compelling window into your data


BlueCardinal is a streaming data analytics engine.  It converts streaming data collected from numerous sensors, systems and instruments at the rig into insights. These insights are then transformed into operational events.  A highly extensible product, BlueCardinal comes bundled with

  • Algorithms based on Oil & Gas industry best practices  

  • Benchmarked and validated from real data

  • Real-time operational event generation for analysis of complex operational events

  • Consumed by downstream applications like HummingBird to generate visual presentations of KPIs

Blue cardinal orchestrates the use of both AI and ML algorithms in your business.



A WITSML server that supports versions and of the specification.  RockPigeon supports the getFromStore, addToStore, updateInStore and deleteFromStore APIs.  A unique capability of the SigmaStream server is its ability to create custom logs comprising of mnemonics from multiple sources publishing data at varying frequencies.  For instance, a 100 Hz time log can be created by combining data from a 1 sec EDR, 20 Hz surface sub and a 200 Hz vibration sensor.  This is because RockPigeon subscribes for the channels making up the time log from YellowHammer, using a desired frequency of 100 Hz.

KingFisher is an asset management tool that allows you to store and manage various activities that occur at the rig.  KingFisher has a reporting tool to compliment the asset data.  Features include:

  • Maintenance-related data management

  • Flexibility – works with a range of data sources

  • Formatting – reports are available in multiple industry standard formats

  • Templates – both custom and canned reports available


Asset management and powerful reporting for predictive maintenance and condition based maintenance

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