YellowHammer High Availability Edition


  • Provides pioneering high availability in the form of Active-Active and Active-Passive geographically distributed architectures.
  • Delivers linearly scaling high performance and top-notch built-in search capabilities with YellowHammer HA data storage.
  • Uses flash SSDs for infrastructure cost-savings, and to maximize the utilization of the hardware with YellowHammer HA.
  • Grows the data assets efficiently with seamless scaling, automatic sharding and instant automatic failover.
  • YellowHammer HA encompasses tunable levels of persistence and durability and is reinforced with security controls, backups and auto-recovery.
  • Extends the already versatile YellowHammer SE storage to an infinite range of scenarios with integrated and custom YellowHammer data and protocol adaptors, which inherit all the platform advantages of YellowHammer SE.



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