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Blue Cardinal

BlueCardinal is our streaming data analytics engine. It’s the first step in the solution offered by SigmaStream in extracting insights from the vast amounts of data that is generated by the IoT devices.  Primarily, it converts the streaming data collected from numerous sensors, systems and instruments at the rig into insights. These insights are then subjected to patented proprietary algorithms to transform them into operational events.​


Auto-detect Drilling Operations

BlueCardinal detects drilling operations automatically from commonly available data channels at the rig, using patented algorithms. These are further processed into complex operational events.


Using a series of windowing and watermarking techniques high frequency data is ferried through pipelines authored specifically to mine for insights pertaining to drilling problems.

Streaming Analytics


A business rules engine built into YellowHammer ensure a “single version of the truth” regarding contextual data required to understand the time-series data being managed.

Contextual Data


Plug & Play

BlueCardinal makes use of adaptors to interface with source and sink. In-built adaptors enable BlueCardinal to fit into any ecosystem, with minimal configuration to generate metrics.


Tight integration with the SigmaStream's aggregator YellowHammer and engineering visualizer HummingBird, results in a seamless solution.

SigmaStream Ecosystem

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